IHOP® presents The Declaration of Pancakes.

5 Hour Energy

5 Hour Energy 30 second spot

US Bank spot

A funny spot Robert did recently for US Bank.

Little Caesars

Another funny spot for Little Caesar’s.


Robert plays a Brit in this funny spot for Carmax.

Liberty Bail Bonds

A very sober spot for Liberty Bail Bonds.

Daiwa Bank spot

Robert has done many spots for Daiwa Securities. This one featured the famous “Ebi Chan” (a star in Japan).

Pocket Spot

A funny spot Robert did for Pocket Communications.

Blasts From The Past …

American Express spot

A vintage American Express spot Robert did many moon ago.


Robert is an expert free diver. There were no cuts in this spot and he had to hold his breath the entire time.

Diet Pepsi Spot

A vintage Diet Pepsi spot Robert performed in many moons ago.


Funny spot Robert did for Caladryl spray.

Smart and Final

A nice spot Robert did with Fred Willard for Smart and Final.