“A Christmas Princess”

Robert plays an amiable British monarch in this light-hearted dramedy.


In Sway, Robert plays a father losing his son to a horrible disease.

“Cruel Logic”

Robert plays a sociopath in this scene from Brian Godawa”s “Cruel Logic” (with Tony Hale).

“We All Fall Down”

Robert as Brit in this period piece directed by The Duffer Brothers (Stranger Things).


From “Monk,” Robert plays a “naked art teacher.”

“Criminal Minds”

Robert and Joe Montegna in a scene from Criminal Minds.

“Alone, Yet Not Alone”

Robert as a German patriarch in this 18th-century period piece.


Robert as a folksy sheriff befriending a mentally-challenged young man.

Blasts From The Past…

“The Golden Moment”

A clip from a 4-hour TV movie for NBC (“The Golden Moment”) in which Robert had one of the leads.

“Jake And The Fatman”

A clip from “Jake And The Fatman.”

Dramatic Montage

A zippy montage from yesteryear of some of Robert’s dramatic work.

“The Aviator”

A clip from “The Aviator” with Christopher Reeve

“She’s In The Army Now”

A clip from an old movie-of-the-week with Robert playing the husband of Melanie Griffith.