THE CLIMB won “Best Feature Drama” at International Family Film Festival

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What many of you may not know is that Robert keeps quite busy between acting gigs.  He and his writing partner, Patrick Egan, wrote a feature, The Climb, for World Wide Pictures (The Hiding Place) in association with Dean River Productions (Bobby Jones, Stroke Of Genius).  The Climb is an inspirational, dramatic action/adventure starring Dabney Coleman, Jason Winston George and Ned Vaughn.  (And, of course, Robert is in it!)  After premiering at the Television Academy in Los Angeles (to some great reviews), it had a limited theatrical release, then aired as a movie-of-the-week all across North America. The Climb went on to win “Best Feature Drama” at the International Family Film Festival.  Here is a synopsis of the story:

Derrick Williams (JASON GEORGESunset Beach) is a brash, young African-American alpinist out to make a name for himself in the world of extreme mountain climbing.  Michael Harris (NED VAUGHNCourage Under Fire, Apollo 13), a man of deep conviction, deep faith, and a dry sense of humor is also an excellent mountain climber.   After rescuing the son of a wealthy corporate executive (DABNEY COLEMANInspector Gadget, Tootsie, The Guardian) in a climbing accident, the ostensibly grateful father offers to sponsor Derrick and Michael in a climb up their dream mountain — but they must do it as a team.  And there’s the rub.  These two climbers — known primarily for their solo accomplishments, must learn to overcome their oil and water relationship if they are to succeed.  And what both men don’t realize is that as they climb to the edge of the most extreme and treacherous terrain of their careers, they will be facing more than just the mountain — they will come face to face with their darkest fears, their deepest tragedies, and, ultimately, their greatest triumphs.

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