“THE CLIMB tells a powerful story which will bring tears to many eyes. More interesting, it combines all four of Aristotle’s four basic plots – man against nature, man against man, man against God or gods, and man against himself. Furthermore, they all seem to work together seamlessly. THE CLIMB is a first-rate production and terrific entertainment which will take audiences to new heights.”  (Ted Baehr, Movieguide Magazine)

 “Screenwriters Robert Pierce and Patrick Egan understand story structure, how to gently incorporate a metaphor, and the need for three-dimensional characters.  Their writing style exhibits perceptive wit and sensitivity, while their central figures are not stereotypes, but genuine people.  Although few of us share their dream of conquering nature’s tallest peaks, we can relate to the life struggles of these protagonists.  …The writers of The Climb understand that lessons are absorbed quicker and last longer when the audience is immersed in a satisfying parable. They give us an engaging journey not just up a mountain, but also into the depth of mankind’s nature.” (Phil Boatright, TheMovieReporter)

“Highly uplifting. THE CLIMB is a strong, heartwarming inter-racial film that deftly mixes in themes of fatherhood and spirituality.” (Promise Keepers, Bill McCartney)

“THE CLIMB holds the course, never wavering. A welcome relief from the hellfire-and-brimstone theatrics of recent (religious) pics.” (Daily Variety, Scott Foundas)

“This is no piece of pop culture camp — this is a serious melodrama about mountain climbing and God. Thankfully this is a far cry from apocalyptic nonsense.” (, Christopher Null)

“Filled with heart-stopping action. This film aims high and succeeds.” (Minnesota Christian Chronicle)

“When most movies are selling it loud and fast, this one sneaks in a message that seems revolutionary for its quiet confidence that you can’t make it to the top without something to believe in.” (Chris Hewitt, St. Paul Pioneer Press)

“Thoroughly entertaining. An exciting journey to discover what is most important in life.”
(Josh McDowell)

“A breath-taking experience.”
(Concerned Women for America)

“It’s a winner!”
(KTIS Radio, Minneapolis)

THE CLIMB won “Best Feature Drama” at The International Family Film Festival.

THE CLIMB nominated for Epiphany Prize!